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The Art of Flight, Hummingbird with Cardinal Flowers, 8x8, pastel artbird painting

The Happenings are known for their past hit song: "See You in September." Thinking about September and borrowing from The Happenings' lyrics, I want to ask you: Will I see you in September? I have a busy schedule of weekend art shows lined up for September and the rest of the Fall season. I hope you'll join me for one or more of my art shows this year. My schedule is on this website with the listing of new art shows and festivals.

My featured artwork is entitled, The Art of Flight, Hummingbird with Cardinal Flowers, a framed 8x8 original pastel artbird painting. One of my favorite backyard birds is the hummingbird. Paul and I have hummingbird feeders in our yard and garden; we love to watch them buzz, dip, and soar around. They are also inspiring for me. I enjoy painting hummers in my studio after studying them with sketches and photographs. I will miss them when they leave us to go on their annual migration!

Hope you have a Happy September and a Festive Autumn! ~~Cindy

Cindy Morawski
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